Confessions of a Roseville eal estate photographer

Did your friend pass you up for another realtor? My confession…

If you are a realtor and this has happened to you, I am really sorry and please hear me out. I did NOT mean to pass over my friend for another realtor. Perhaps my confession will shed light on a few situations – or perhaps your situation is entirely different. Either way, it can be a painful state […]

Professional Real Estate Photographer for Roseville ©2015 TiAmo Images

Is Selling a Home Like Online Dating?

I arrived at a recent appointment to be greeted by an anxious seller. We’ll call her Nancy. Her plan? Nancy was going to diligently follow me around to make sure my photographs avoid anything unsightly, and I understand where she is coming from. Her and her husband have a new baby and they are selling their first home. It’s their largest investment to […]

Real Estate Photos of Before and After Professional Photography

Find an Agent Willing to Put Some Skin in the Game!

As a real estate photographer I keep a pulse on available properties in Sacramento and surrounding areas. I comb through MLS like it’s Pinterest, I scope realtor websites and ads, and do whatever I can to maintain awareness of the industry. Overall, it still surprises me at how many bad photos I see! I understand […]